My work is hailed as, “Gritty, entertaining... real. Romance for the non-romantic.”

I write about the relationships between men and women and fathers and sons, about the universal ideals of love, loss, regret, and death—and the emotions associated with those ideals.

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The Unsettling Beauty of a Perfect Chord… “Discussions of life, love, faith and the universe fuel J. Conrad Guest’s intriguing dialog-based novel A World Without Music. Music itself ‘stands half way between thought and phenomenon,’ a fascinating concept that leaves the reader pondering all. But the conversation’s powerful and real, and the tale moves on; locations change, topics flow and grow, and the reader soon feels like a traveler delighting in overhearing strangers who might become friends.

“... And the music of the common man proves as vital to our world’s symphony as that of heroes and villains throughout all time. A World Without Music reads like a masterpiece of music, culture and life and is highly recommended.” —Sheila Deeth, author of Divide by Zero and Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer

The Cobb Legacy is “... an eye-opening tale of drama, scandal, and intrigue highlighting the living, breathing history of a fatally-flawed, intrepid folk hero. Five stars.” —Apex Reviews

“Author J. Conrad Guest’s attention to details of plot is meticulous as he keeps his novel pulsing with energy and tension skillfully woven with an entertaining combination of romance, betrayal, mystery and thrill. With storytelling mastery on full display, powered by engaging narrative and emotional intensity of individual story line, January’s Paradigm is a novel that delights its readers with a captivating premise with serious literary work of thoughtfulness, complexity and depth." —Enas Reviews

A Retrospective In Death is a languid, oddly compelling tale, evoking an era with a wealth of intricate detail, creating a memorable yet achingly ordinary man, and searching for meaning and purpose in it all." —Sheila Deeth, author of Divide by Zero and Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer

500 Miles to Go: “A sweet love story gives way to the love affair with speed... First loser becomes disillusioned winner, hindsight waxes philosophical, and a lonely man reminds us, ‘One doesn’t find love... Love is a choice.’” —Sheila Deeth, author of Divide by Zero and Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer

“Superbly crafted with a deft, tender touch, Backstop: A Baseball Love Story In Nine Innings is a compelling tale of following the true passions of the heart. A truly heartwarming read.” —Apex Reviews

One Hot January: “He may be Bogart-cool and clever, sharp-tongued and fedoraed—but underneath the veneer Joe January reveals himself both in his vulnerability and the most ageless adventure of all: a journey of the heart.” —Rachael Perry, author of How to Fly

“In January's Thaw, J. Conrad Guest gives us an unforgettable adventure seen through the cracked lens of our broken present and an all-too-possible, what-if past. Full of intrigue, romance and scathing social commentary, it is both an ambitious novel and an exciting, page-turning imaginative quest for that which is beautiful and true.” —Rachael Perry, author of How to Fly

The Girl Who Loved Cigars is a brilliant work created by a brilliant author. Guest is a man who has something to say, and I believe he says it in a unique way. 10 stars on this one! —Judith White, author of The Case Files of Sam Flanagan series

My novels are available in print and e-formats, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from various brick and mortar bookstores.

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